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Cover: Kazusa no Kuni yochi zenzu.
Tsurumine, Shigenobu, 1...
Cover: Kazusa no Kuni y...
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Author Tsurumine, Shigenobu, 1788-1859; Tsukada, Itoku; Tadaya, Kazaemon; Kikuya, Kozaburo
Full Title (Covers to) Kazusa no Kuni yochi zenzu / Tsurumine Shigenobu cho ; Tsukada Itoku zu. [between 1849 and 1868]
Publisher Kazusa no Kuni Togane : Tadaya Kazaemon ; Toto : Kikuya Kozaburo
Note Mounted cover title. Wood block print, col. In Japanese. Oriented with north to the upper left. Includes historical texts, lists of points of interest and local products and legend. Folded in cover 26 x 18 cm. East Asian Library call number: D103.
Cover: Niigata shinkei.
Suiryusai, 19th cent.; ...
Cover: Niigata shinkei.
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Author Suiryusai, 19th cent.; Senryuken; Shikindo
Full Title (Covers to) Niigata shinkei / Suiryusai gazu. Kaei 2 [1849]
Publisher [s.l.] : Senryuken : Shikindo
Note Mounted cover title. East Asian Library call number: Ha55.
Covers: Kaei shinzō Dai Nihon kokugun yochi zenzu.
Takashiba, Sanʼyū
Covers: Kaei shinzō Dai...
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Author Takashiba, Sanʼyū
Full Title (Covers to) Kaei shinzō Dai Nihon kokugun yochi zenzu.
Publisher Edo: Tsutaya Kichizō
Note Covers light green paper with text in black.
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