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Text page: Bankoku chikyu zu: zen.
Mineta, Fuko, 1818-1883...
Text page: Bankoku chik...
Pocket Map
Mineta, Fuko, 1818-1883; Utagawa, Sadahide, 1807-1873; Murakami, Goyu, 19th cent.
Full Title
(Text page to) Bankoku chikyu zu: zen / Mineta Fuko cho; Hashimoto Gyokuran mo; Murakami Goyu sho. [ca. 1853].
[Japan]: Copyright by Kikuchi-shi
Wood block print. In Japanese. Title added by hand. Engraved by Harada. Includes text on the earth, lists of country names and legend. Includes a chart of seasonal tides. 1 map: col.; 34 x 52 cm., folded to 19 x 14 cm. + 2 sheets. East Asian Library call number A61.
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