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Verso: Kaisei senmei Hiroshima-shi jissoku chizu.
Hayami, Yu
Verso: Kaisei senmei Hi...
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Author Hayami, Yu
Full Title (Verso of) Kaisei senmei Hiroshima-shi jissoku chizu : fu Hiroshima-ken junyu shinansha / Hayami Yu. Meiji 29 [1896]
Publisher Hiroshima : Sosokusha
Note Text on districts. East Asian Library call number Ha227.
Verso: Saikin jissoku Hiroshima shigai chizu.
Yoshida, Naojiro
Verso: Saikin jissoku H...
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Author Yoshida, Naojiro
Full Title (Verso of) Saikin jissoku Hiroshima shigai chizu / Yoshida Naojiro. 3-han. Meiji 45 [1912]
Publisher Hiroshima-shi : Tomoda Seishindo Honten
Note Guide to tourist attractions with views and address chart. East Asian Library call number Ha228.
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