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Utagawa, Sadahide, 1807...
World Atlas
Author Utagawa, Sadahide, 1807-1873
Full Title [Africa. Between 1856 and 1868]
Publisher [S.l.] : Copyright by Kondo-shi
Note Wood block print. In Japanese. Oriented with north toward lower right. East Asian Library call number: A15.
Bankoku chishiryaku ansha yakuzu ni.
Yamada, Shintaro; Takah...
Bankoku chishiryaku ans...
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Author Yamada, Shintaro; Takahara, Tetsuya
Full Title Bankoku chishiryaku ansha yakuzu ni / chosha Yamada Shintaro and Takahara Tetsuya ; etsusei Hihara Shozo. Meiji 11 [1878]
Publisher Gifu-ken Ogaki : Okayasu Keisuke.
Note Col. copperplate print. In Japanese. Relief shown by hachures. Includes legend. Drawn by Noda Tatsusuke. Folded in cover 16 x 11 cm. Title added by hand: Bankoku chishiryaku ansha yakuzu : Afurika no bu. East Asian Library call number: A37.
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