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Text Page: ai Nihon kisha senro oyobi dochu meisaizuki.
Higuchi, Shozaburo
Text Page: ai Nihon kis...
National Atlas
Higuchi, Shozaburo
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(Text Page to) Meiji shinkoku Dai Nihon kisha senro oyobi dochu meisaizuki / Higuchi Shozaburo. (Title on preface:) Dai Nihon dochuki. Meiji 22 [1889]
[Osaka] : Akashi Chugado
1 atlas (36 leaves) : 15 maps ; 13 cm. Cover title. Copperplate print. In Japanese. Bird's-eye view. Orientation varies. Includes preface and list of inns. Shows distance of roads and railways. East Asian Library call number: J51 SPEC-Map.
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