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Cover: Nihon kaisan chorikuzu zu.
Ishikawa, Ryusen
Cover: Nihon kaisan cho...
Pocket Map
Ishikawa, Ryusen
Full Title
(Covers to) Nihon kaisan chorikuzu zu. Genroku 7 [1694]
Edo: Sagamiya Tahe
Wood block print, hand col. In Japanese. Title from: Nihon chizushi / Akioka Takejiro. p.139. Covers Matsumae to Tsushima and Ryukyu. Shows places of interest pictorially. Includes lists of shrines, 2 seasonal diagrs., and distance charts and legend. Shows daimyo domains. Folded in cover 26 x 18 cm. East Asian Library call number: Ca7.
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