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Dai Nihon setsujo sangoku no zenzu.
Kiyudo; Kyokueido.
Dai Nihon setsujo sango...
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Author Kiyudo; Kyokueido.
Full Title Dai Nihon setsujo sangoku no zenzu. [1816]
Publisher Naniwa : Kiyudo : Kyokueido
Note 1 map : col. ; 46 x 69 cm., folded in cover 25 x 18 cm. Mounted cover title. Wood block print. In Japanese. Covers Honshu to Kyushu. Oriented with north to the upper right. Publication date by the preface. Includes 3 insets: [Chosen].--[Ryukyu].--[Ezo]. Shows distance of sea routes. Includes text. East Asian Library call number: Ca 18 SPEC-Map.
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