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Dosen Nihon yochi zenzu.
Seika Shujin
Dosen Nihon yochi zenzu...
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Seika Shujin
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Dosen Nihon yochi zenzu. [after 1847]
[Japan] : Copyright by Seika Shujin
Copperplate print. In Japanese. Covers Matsumae to Tsushima, Okinoerabujima and Ogasawara. Includes 3 insets: Tanshu Amano Hashidate fukei -- Geishu Itsukushima fukei -- Oshu Matsushima fukei. Shows the distance of sea routes. Includes longitude and latitude and explanation of Kuroshio. Includes compass rose. Folded to 29 x 9 cm., in envelope 23 x 16 cm. East Asian Library call number Ca44.
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